Victory Hall Documents:


As a registered charity the hall is required to have a governing document or constitution setting out how the charity operates. The constitution also provides details on the duties and responsibilities of the trustees. As part of our recent grant application it was recognised that our existing constitution written in 1975 needed to be updated. The recommended model for an organisation such as ours is to change to a CIO or Charitable Incorporated organisation.

We have set up a new CIO charity and registered it with the Charity Commission. We should be ready to change over to the new constitution later this year subject to various legal aspects being completed. We will seek approval at this years AGM to change to the new CIO organisation and close the existing charity.

Copies of the original and the new CIO constitution documents can be downloaded from the links below:

                               Victory Hall CIO Constitution                   Victory Hall 1975 Constitution 

 Fire Safety Documents:

Following a recent audit by Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service a Fire Risk Assesment has been produced together with an action plan to bring the hall in line with current fire legislation. We have also updated our Fire Policy document and our Fire Escape Plan. Links to each of these documents are available below.

                               Fire Risk Assessment                                  Fire Action Plan 

                               Victory Hall Fire Escape Plan                   Victory Hall Fire Policy 

 Health & Safety Documents:

The Following documents are referred to in our booking terms and conditions and in our hire agreements.


                                 VH Health & Safety Policy                                              VH Risk Asssesment                          

 Room Booking Documents:

Links to each of these documents are available below:

                               Booking Request Form                                  Locking Up Procedure 

                               Terms & Conditions